Immersive & interactive adventure

Investigate the hidden past on an interactive story adventure with Panic Peculiar Experience! Journey on our quest between historic locations, tracking down the next lead from a cast of strange and wonderful characters. Your team steps into the role of Field Agents working for the peculiar Professor Primrose, a disgraced crypto-anthropologist trying to open a doorway through time and space itself. The Professor believes the answer is tied into the secrets of Cherry Creek, a mysterious town whose inhabitants vanished completely from the map over a century ago in 1883. Is he a genius on the verge of a breakthrough, or a madman that needs to be stopped from disturbing the dead?

What is Panic Peculiar Experience?

Part story-telling, part interactive theater, Panic Peculiar Experience isn’t quite like any other show out there.  Panic Peculiar Experience is an innovative daytime adventure where you travel in your vehicle between multiple historic locations interacting with unique characters.  At each site, you and your group obtain clues leading you to the next location, and learn another piece of the peculiar legend of Cherry Creek.

Ticket price: $89 PER VEHICLE, covering all occupants (equivalent of $22.50 each for a 4-person team)

Event length: Approximately 2 hours

Starting Location & Driving Directions:
Your adventure starts from the Northville Community Park, accessible from Johnson Creek Drive on 5 Mile Road (on the north side).

From the intersection of 5 Mile Rd and Beck Rd, travel west on 5 Mile to Johnson Creek Drive (north side of road).  Take the first right into the Northville Community Park.  Look for signs and our staff in green shirts.

Frequently asked questions

Ultimately, Panic Peculiar Experience isn’t really like any other show that is out there.  It’s a bold claim, but at the same time, it is true. There are many aspects of other group event (such as Escape Rooms and car-based Treasure Hunts) that are in common with our show … but those terms don’t precisely apply to what you will experience.  Our show focuses on meeting and interacting with unusual characters in interesting historic locations, and telling a strange story along the way.  This is what we mean when we describe our experience as an “Interactive Story Adventure”.  The focus is really on having a good time reacting and interacting with our talented acting staff, and seeing how the story unfolds.

The show should take a little less than 2 hours, but can be taken at your own pace.

You will be driving less than 25 miles in total.

Our tickets are entirely based on the vehicle alone — feel free to bring as many guests as you can comfortably fit within that vehicle!

There are a number of reasons for this ticket pricing approach.  Many of the historic locations you will visit have limited parking available, so it is important to keep our guest vehicle count as low as practical.  Because we are focused on having our actors interact with guests, we also need to limit the volume of those interactions with controlled time slots, again emphasizing a per-vehicle ticket approach.   Having limited time slots helps control show timing, which helps groups to stay more-separated from one another, both for their enjoyment of the experience and for better social distance safety.

You do not need to prove that you are vaccinated to attend our show.  We also respect your choice on whether to wear a mask or not (though it does seem safer to wear a mask currently).  As mentioned, we are largely outdoors, entirely during the day, and all of our actors and staff are vaccinated.

All of our actors are fully vaccinated, and will generally maintain a safe social distance from guests.

If you get stuck on a clue, you can give us a call (734-853-9993) and we can guide you through it.

If you are lost somewhere along the route, you can give us a call (734-853-9993) and we will walk you through how to get back on course.

Your investigation will only go forward. Each location will hint at the next one, and the journey will have a clear ending to let you know when it is completed.

Our show is designed to keep each guest group somewhat isolated from one another. However, that doesn’t rule out the chance that you will see other guest groups throughout the show. If this occurs, feel free to interact with them or maintain your distance, based on your preference.

If you like, you and another group can certainly team up while going through our story.

The focus of the show is not to scare…but there are a couple of suspenseful moments to keep you on your toes.

Kids are welcome.  Our show takes place entirely during daylight hours, making it work well for families. However, younger children may be bored or scared by the story, so use your judgment before bringing them along.v

While it’s best if you try to arrive on time, we know life happens. It shouldn’t be a problem if your group is a few minutes late for their time slot. However, if you are more than 15 minutes, we cannot guarantee that your group can still experience the show for that day.

Nearly every part of the show takes place outdoors.  We have taken care for the limited interior portions to maintain a very safe social distance from guests.

Beyond getting into and out of your car, there is not a large amount of walking as part of the show.  This said, there is a portion where you do need to walk a bit, and we do recommend you wear comfortable walking footwear.

The show will go on, rain or shine.  We will all have our own umbrellas if it rains, and we recommend you do the same.

If your car breaks down — or some other disaster prevents you from continuing with our story — reach out to us (734-853-9993) and we can discuss how best to move forward.